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In the United States, motorsports draw an audience of over 32 million people, a figure that has not gone unnoticed by corporations seeking outlets for their advertising dollars and non-profits seeking a broader demographic.    Back in 2009, Ari Rivera founded the Classic Car Club Miami, and he comes to the business with a pedigree. A champion international race car driver, he achieved an early notoriety, teaming up with PepsiCo (Pepsi Cola Latin America) in 1999 to resurrect the GT1 cars in Latin America, known in the US as the Trans Am series. Up to that point, the cars were considered “dinosaurs” but after winning championship after championship, Rivera and his undefeated team proved the critics wrong. These track victories caught the attention of South African owned brewery, SABMiller, and with their sponsorship Rivera went on to achieve consecutive international championships; the coveted “Pole and Win” situation, where cars are starting in first place as a result of best qualifying time and also finishing in first place. He’s had the privilege of being behind the wheel of some of the worlds’ most amazing cars, forming friendships and racing with the greatest drivers of his era.

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