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The OPEC oil production boycott of 1973 convinced many that driving or even building a high-performance car was irresponsible in a world with choked fuel supplies. While that social pressure was enough to deter several manufacturers, Porsche continued development of what would be their most powerful and luxurious car yet, the 930 Turbo. Available only in coupe form, the finished car was a masterwork of engineering involving far more consideration of performance and durability than was obvious to the naked eye. The U.S.-spec 3.0L flat-6 engine developed 234 HP at 5,500 RPM but could rev to 6,800 RPM and was virtually bulletproof. Porsche also developed a new stronger 4-speed transaxle and single disc clutch for both the production and future racing Turbos. The rear hubs, bearings and suspension arms were also designed as much for racing Porsches as for the 930, and were derived from the legendary 917. Suspension geometry, vented disc brakes and damping were drawn from the Carrera RS and RSR, and so of course were the Turbo's dramatically flared fenders and prominent whale-tail spoiler, but inside was the most luxury ever poured into a Porsche: leather upholstery, air conditioning, deep-cut pile carpeting and Porsche's trademark driver- friendly controls and instrumentation. This fabulous 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo is one of 530 produced for the U.S. market.